Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Face Reading *(an observation skill)

(This posting by Wayne Roy - C.Q.C. and I.P. Consultant)

We [humans] instinctively read the faces of other people, but we often don't know exactly why we like the look of someone or not, or why we trust them or not.

The art of Face Reading was introduced to Japan from China sometime in the 14th century, and it's quite a complex body of knowledge.  But in this post I'm presenting just one simple principle that can be of value to C.Q.P. operators.  It can help you get a quick read on anyone... including a co-worker, or a client. 

In short, you'll be able to recognise potential strengths and weaknesses in anyone's face.

The basic principle breaks down into the following three points : 
  • the character expressed on the right side of the face is our social mask
  • the character expressed on the left side of the face is our deeper self
  • and together they show the A to Z of our personality.

As an example, the photo above is of the actor George Clooney, who many would say is a very charming and personable gentleman.  The photo was taken a few years ago by Martin Schoeller, and what I like about it is it's rawness - no smile, no emotion - just a naked glimpse into Mr. Clooney's character as it's portrayed on his face.

As you look at the photo you may notice that his face (like the vast majority of people) is not symmetrical.  The right side is subtly different from his left side.  To highlight what I'm referring to, below is just the right side of his face.  Take a moment to look at it.  What impression does it give you?   What attitude do you feel it expresses?  Look at the shape of the mouth, the jaw, cheek, and especially the energy in the eye! 

To emphasise the characteristics expressed on that side of his face, below are two right sides joined together in a way that might give you greater insight.  Have a look... what impressions do you get now?

Keep in mind though that Mr.Clooney suffered from Bell's Palsy as a teenager, which caused a temporary facial-droop. 

He has since overcome that condition, but it has obviously had an effect on the right side of his face (his social mask).  Interestingly, it hasn't seemed to have had any effect on the left side - as you'll see in a minute. 

That phenomenon fits in with the oriental concept that the left side shows the character of a person's past life... and the right side shows the character as it has developed in this life.

So from an oriental perspective, the efects of his past life and the effects of his present life are both expressed in the overall character of his face.

But having said that, it could just be that the Bell's Palsy only affected one side of his brain, and consequently only one side of his face.  So let's just focus on looking at two right sides joined together... what impressions do you get?  To me, there seems to be a subtle strain.

Now let's focus on the left side of his face (see below).  It's quite different isn't it.  It's not up to me to tell you exactly what the differences are... you'll get your own instinctive impressions of the character this side expresses.  Look at the eye... what energy/attitude does it seem to express? 

Below are two left sides joined together... take a look... what impressions do you get now?  

Ok... now let's go back and look at his natural face again (see photo below).  This time you should be able to see the right and left sides more clearly.... and together they give you some insight into his overall character, and life experience. 


It only takes a little practice to develop a basic skill with this Face reading concept.  But you need to start by studying faces with no excess emotion... because happiness or anger or stress will flood both sides of the face and distort your initial reading. 

Women's magazines are actually a great place to start, because they usually feature large adverts for make-up... and the women's faces are generally free of excess emotion.

So in summary, remember that the foundation of this face reading concept is as follows :
  • the character expressed on the right side of our face is our social mask
  • the character expressed on the left side of our face is our deeper self
  • and together they show the A to Z of our personality.
You can start practicing this artform on yourself - by looking into a mirror - straight faced, with no emotion.  And remember to reverse the concept of right and left because you're looking at a mirror image of yourself.

After that you can start reading your family, friends and co-workers.  However I don't recommend that you tell them what you're doing. 

Why not?  Because some people don't like having their true character exposed... especially when they haven't yet recognised (or faced) that aspect of themselves.  So keep this as just a personal observation skill!

Now just to put what you've already learnt in to play, let's take a look at another face.  The photo is of Clint Eastwood, and again the photo was taken by Martin Schoeller.  In particular look at the differences in the eyes and the shape and fullness of the mouth.  If you need to, cover each side of the photo with your hand.  You'll quickly get a glimpse into the character of this great American icon.

And finally, here's another famous American who was photographed by Martin Schoeller. Again, look at the energy that comes from each eye. To me, his left eye gives the impression of looking straight at me... while his right eye gives the impression of looking past me and into the future.  But I'll leave it up to you to form your own impressions of the man.

To quote Humphrey Bogart in the movie Casablanca: "Here's looking at you, kid!"

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