Wednesday, May 23, 2012

C.Q.C. Basics : Tactical Distance

(This post by Wayne Roy - C.Q.C. and I.P. Consultant)

Regardless of whether you're fighting unarmed, with a weapon, or unarmed against a weapon... the safest platform to defend and attack from is called 'tactical distance'.

What is tactical distance?  It's the distance that's just beyond the range of your partner's fastest attacks... which are the probes.

A probe is fast because it's your opponent's closest weapon.  On the street it might be a sudden push with one hand.  In boxing it would be a left jab or a hook.  In kickboxing it could be a quick skip-kick with the lead foot.

The basic purpose of a probe is to disrupt your opponent's balance (physically or mentally), and quickly follow-up with a power strike from the rear hand or rear leg. 

In boxing this might be a straight right-cross or a hook (see photo below).  And in kickboxing it could be a thrust-kick with the rear leg. 

Punches or kicks from the side furthest away are more powerful simply because they travel further... and therefore develop greater momentum.  But because they travel further, they can more easily be seen by your opponent... which is why they are usually preceded by a fast probe.

But let's get back to tactical distance.....

Standing just beyond the range of your opponent's probes makes those strikes relatively easy to evade or deflect.  And once deflected, you are in a position to quickly burst forward with your counter attack. 

If your opponent decides to move forward with a power strike (because probes don't reach) then they have to step forward to reach you... which means their attack can more easily be seen and dealt with. 

But here's the important point... tactical distance is just beyond the range of your opponent's probes... not safely out of range. 

If you were safely out of range (standing further away), it would certainly be difficult for your opponent to strike you.  But it would also be difficult for you to counter attack, because your opponent would see your strike coming.

So standing just out of range gives you the ability to evade or deflect, then quickly burst forward with your counter attack. 

It's all a matter of distance and timing... a tactic that many great boxers have mastered... and great martial artists like the legendary Bruce Lee.

Tactical distance - it's the safest platform to defend and attack from!

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