Saturday, April 28, 2012

Image Projection : Looking Serious and Focused

(This recommemdation by Wayne Roy - C.Q.C. and I.P. Consultant)

Have you ever noticed that people who work in high risk occupations wear small framed sunglasses?   Ever wondered why?  It's because that style of eyewear matches their serious and focused attitude... so it's natural that they choose them.

Although extra large sunglasses are trendy these days (for both men and women), to older generations that style of eyewear can actually come across as being soft and feminine. 

Keep in mind that the concept of extra large sunglasses is to create a sense of mystery in a person... which is not the look that someone working Executive Protection should have. 

Clients much prefer their protection detail to be serious and focused.

Sports sunglasses with brightly coloured plastic fames are also popular with many men, because it makes the statement "I play sport!"  But again, that's not the sort of personal statement that someone working Executive Protection should be making.

Military personnel often prefer black sports sunglasses, which is understandable because of the strong frames, quality lenses, and the wrap-around shape.  But if you're working Executive Protection, mainstream sunglasses will project a more professional image... especially if you're wearing a suit.

So overall, you're better off investing in good quality stylish sunglasses... something simple, strong and functional, with an obvious quality, and an understated elegance.

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