Thursday, April 26, 2012

CQP Gear : Making a Strong Point

(This recommendation by Wayne Roy - C.Q.C. and I.P. Consultant)

When your tactical pen is the quickest non-lethal weapon to hand.

Tuff Writer pens are built to withstand blistering cold, intense heat,
and any kind of harsh environment an operator might encounter.

Above is the Operator Series pen in Sniper Gray... and
below is an example of the Frontline Series.

The range of Tuff Writer tactical pens perfectly suit the needs of
Close Protection Operatives, LEO's, and military personnel.
They also make an excellent self protection tool for executives travelling overseas.
The Kydex neck sheath below (for the Frontline Series) is light
and comfortable, and allows quick and easy access
to your pen with either hand.

Below is an example of the new Precision Press Series
... perfect for everyday use by operatives or civilians.
It comes in red, black, and raw aluminium.
The safety trainer (below) is made of impact rubber and designed to
simulate strikes without causing injury to your training partner. 
It's roughly the same size and weight as a Tuff Writer pen.

For more information on Tuff Writer products, click on the link below:

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